nice surprise

white flowerswhite flowers 1

It was a nice surprise. I had just come back from watering the other flowers when I noticed these little ones pop up after a day. I saw the bulbs a day ago and they were completely closed and then suddenly, overnight, they decided to bloom! These weren’t even planted by me. The little birds or the wind must of gathered the seeds and moved them wherever because these came at a surprise to begin with. Does anyone know what these are called? You’ll see that some mint are also peeking out as well.


healing after healing

I nudged my head onto your chest. You held me tightly as the cold breeze from the beach water made us wonder what season was it again? I didn’t know what to think. I wanted relief from the past few months of us continuing a pattern we never wanted to create and getting into situations we always tried to avoid, yet, they came anyway.

I surrendered that day. We held each other tightly and didn’t say anything for a long time. The coolness blushed my face and watered my eyes. I felt so raw standing in front of the open body of water that constantly moved in and out. Day in and day out. Healing after healing.

I had a whole life back at home and no idea what I wanted. I saw a family pass by with their tiny dog. A mother and a teenage daughter and son. They were a unit as they walked quietly by; each taking a turn to look out ahead on the sunset we’re all about to experience.


here and there

In the city

Designed by a sharp architect,
The buildings have a bit of angles,
Mirrors and glass intertwine
Reflections and clear glass remain
The main foci of perspective.

In the forest

Beyond the shadows of cloaked
Mountain peaks and waterfalls,
Mists of opaque steam and clouds
Blur and distort the possibilities yet
Boundaries go boundless and free.


This is my take on how I see the differences and similarities to going a path you understand and know and one that isn’t as clear and predictable. The city life is more of a man-made creation of societal standards and expectations in the realms of reputation and livelihood. The life beyond the city and more towards nature is more unpredictable and less exhibited, so the expectations are less known. Both are paths that may hold great possibility or great failure; positives and negatives. It depends on where you stand and what you value.



Summer is very much here and the humidity has been creeping up around me that the irritable emotion is just waiting for a chance to shine. But I don’t want to let it. I’d rather cool down inside and out. It’s so easy to let one negative domino fall thereby making this effect of a bunch of other negative scenarios come into existence. Isn’t it true that even the smallest atom of things can tip the scales from one end of the spectrum to the next?

So I take photographs of nature in hopes that it conveys the message that life is gentle sometimes; perhaps even most of the time if we let it. It’s best to learn early on, I suppose, that not everything negative in life has to be a catastrophic event. It isn’t. And doesn’t have to be.

little rewards


we put in the time to sleep early, wake up early and drive over there to see this. it was our little reward that we so desperately needed in that time in our lives. it’s interesting to think about and wonder how many moments in our lives we create by just putting in a little effort; by wanting that small glimpse of what amazing could look like. it’s hope. hope that it’ll all be good someday.


Tis the season to get out there and enjoy the weather. Rain or shine, I’ve been out there building a whole new landscape, literally. Child me would be super surprised that this is how I’d like to spend as part of my summer–watering flowers, getting the soil ready and planting seeds. I’d never thought I’d follow my mom’s footsteps in creating a garden. Or wanting one or putting in the work. But lately, it’s become another beautiful thing I’ve been doing in my life that adds so much joy, peace and happiness in my atmosphere.

I saw a red cardinal yesterday near one of the new flowers I planted and it was such a little piece of happiness in my day. I’m looking up DIY garden beds and coming up with ideas on building some in my yard. My dream is to grow some veggies and fruits I can use for my cooking.

There’s just something about the sunshine that keeps me wanting to go outside all the time and soak up as much as I can handle. Use what I’ve gathered and bring it back out into something wonderful and productive.

Mom's flowers
we need more color in our world

These flowers aren’t mine, but these are what I’d love to see more of in the coming months. These are ones my mom had years back.



It survived another month
The fragility of petals
Grasping a millimeter of stem
Rooted for some kind of stability.


Winds tampered its solid grace.
The calm nights hushed sounds
Of crying rain and cats meows
Wanting to be heard, to express.


The light grew outwards
Unable to contain its bravery
The audacity of survival
The power of life’s everything.