Time and time again, I find myself thanking the universe for putting gardening in my path. I’ve been investing so much time in both the outdoor and indoor garden and honestly, I feel like I’m getting back so much instead.


The peace, calm and guidance on life are what lingers in the quiet moments of progress. Just a few months ago, the marigolds weren’t even a seedlings yet, and now, they are blooming in the warm sun every single day. The soil underneath used to be dry, cold and malnourished. Now, it’s alive.

Gardening has helped me rebuild my perspectives. The practice of caring taught me to accept and embrace the imperfections and the unpredictable. Taught me that there are always lots to learn despite knowing so much. And that’s where the rebuilding can come from—the knowledge, the practice and the progress.

binge-watching our planet

I’m currently on the Jungle episode and I had no idea there were so many exotic animals. And that we needed jungles so much. As with every documentary-type show, there’s some happy moments, sad moments and then it ends with me thinking there’s more we can do for this world. I just found out that Netflix’s YouTube channel is now showing full episodes of the series, Our Planet, for free.

Nature is self-sufficient, until us humans come in making it about us. There’s a way of life in every little corner of this world and when we don’t think about how our actions affect every other living beings or don’t hold ourselves accountable, we end up destroying a lot of beautiful, amazing things that make our planet so wonderful.