lines of color attach and detach
up the center
all mixed within themselves
warped and twisted
to come out looking
nothing like another

going with the flow


I haven’t painted in so long. I’ve had mini sparks of inspiration here and there to get my supplies out and just start. But I always end up resisting it. Or I’m too lazy to actually do the work. The motivation in me to do things this week has dwindled down a lot compared to last week and the week before. I’m tired. My sleep has been suffering and I know deep down that’s probably the culprit to all this de-motivation. But why the no sleep?

Seeing this painting makes me really happy and proud. It no longer exists because I added more color afterwards that made it a whole new tone and painting entirely. The color was orange-red and it just made it more spicy. Here, it’s calmer. I remember creating this piece on a whatever, normal night at the apartment. I had painted a bit before; just playing as always. And I really liked the aquamarine color along with the cobalt blue. The wavy lines came out of my mood at the time. I had no care on how this painting turned out. I just wanted to paint.

I felt so inspired that I even posted it up with a poem on here. Here’s the post if you want to read it. The poem goes…

they say our lives will go into waves
they’ll dip down to the ocean floors
and shoot up to the stars
and ride on a shooting star.
and when a toddler points up
on a clear dark night,
he’ll see someone’s dream come true.
the white spaces in between
insulates us from the let down
of our traveling lives.
here comes a high one again,
i’ll catch you on the wave…

I used to be more of a “go with the flow” kind of person, but nowadays, I’m less so. It was fun to be that way, but in some ways, costly, wasteful and absent-minded of me. Well, wherever I end up going, I’ll always have this image to remind me of what really matters in life. Catch you on the next wave.

a little bit of everything


life trickles down pebbles
fallen from the hard places
we break ourselves out of.

a little bit of everything,
scatters the ground,
unevenly fitting into place.

these pebbles,

creating roads to journeys,
building homes we live in.
pieces of our own identities.

these pebbles,

i never know what to think,
what i’ll see or who i’ll meet.
but the destination is only half

of what we were meant to experience.


i’ve been sort of scattered lately, but not really messy though. scattered in a more organized way. needed to get some creative juices out there to really get into writing something solid and important. i wish my blog had more variety like it used to. i have ideas, but little time to produce how i want to. i’ve been feeling all sorts of inspiration to do art, to go on hikes, to travel, to be careful and to be carefree. a little bit of everything is creeping into the little spaces of time i have and it’s wonderful and stressful. i know it’s all a part of this amazing journey. i know it’s something i want to remember. because it is so good, so life-altering, so life.

parakeets & koi, water lily drawings/paintings

for my mom and dad i sketched a couple of parakeets for one painting and a koi and water lily painting for the other.  Happy that they like them and also re-discovering another art skill i enjoy. cnw

dad said the two birds represent my sister and i and even though we are adults, we both said “eww!”
the koi and water lily are symbolic for the kinds of people my parents are.

hello and goodbye dec 2013

created in dec 2013, cnw, the green color of the stem and grass is way off from the camera..ah!

hello & goodbye december 2013, what a year it has been…
as of late, I’ve slept deeper and I’ve dreamed clearer and I’ve laughed harder.
There’s really nothing else I should ask for.
Throughout this whole year, I’ve learned so many things; everyday.
I’ve learned about my work, my art, my skills,
my capacity to love, my capacity to fight & my capacity to evolve.
feel like i’ve eaten a whole bag of gratitude!
Below are some photos of what i’ve been up to as of late..

cardboard hearts with red paint. i am guilty for not cleaning my palette each time!

I decided to make a felt coaster out of the felt art piece I created a week or two ago.

Who knew melts could be so easy to make and filling to eat?  This includes spinach, egg, cheese and spam.

Warm wishes and happy thoughts,