going with the flow

I haven't painted in so long. I've had mini sparks of inspiration here and there to get my supplies out and just start. But I always end up resisting it. Or I'm too lazy to actually do the work. The motivation in me to do things this week has dwindled down a lot compared to [...]


a little bit of everything

life trickles down pebbles fallen from the hard places we break ourselves out of. a little bit of everything, scatters the ground, unevenly fitting into place. these pebbles, creating roads to journeys, building homes we live in. pieces of our own identities. these pebbles, i never know what to think, what i'll see or who [...]

compromise of humanity

cradled in these arms is a young (wo)man's honest truth. birthed from a godless mother and a moral father, their beliefs intertwined, destined to crisscross in the middle. heated were their defeats as passionate as their victories. held in their hands was the compromise of humanity.

for mom – flower watercolor art

a watercolor painting/sketch for my mom. she's been wanting me to continue painting and sketching. it was quite fun and im happy with the colors. i've included some photos of some steps of the process as i went along. some supplies i also used: sharpie pen, colored pencils and acrylic paint.

hello and goodbye dec 2013

hello & goodbye december 2013, what a year it has been... as of late, I've slept deeper and I've dreamed clearer and I've laughed harder. There's really nothing else I should ask for. Throughout this whole year, I've learned so many things; everyday. I've learned about my work, my art, my skills, my capacity to [...]