I was seated by the window of this cafe and had company with these beautiful, hidden flowers. They had the best view out on a quiet street of a busy city. Observing the every day like little cats who sit by the window. Wondering what others do when they walk by. But I am romanticizing this observation. I’m sure the flowers are in equilibrium to be near the sunshine, to gather their energy and continue forward as how they were meant to. Little petals fall as time progresses on. Little nuggets of reminders that nothing lasts. Maybe it was me who observes like cats by the window; looking and understanding how the outside world works. Maybe we all are.

this morning

this morning

20150703_110954I’ve become a part of the morning. Sleep doesn’t sit well with me lately because my body has gotten used to my odd sleeping hours. Before I know it, I see the light stream through the kitchen blinds. It’s quiet everywhere. It seems so innocent and peaceful and I forget for a moment that the world isn’t like this all the time. It’s not even 6am and I feel this consuming energy.

Before physically sitting up from bed and walking to the living room, I let my eyes rest and listened to the fan blow air in the humid existence that is summer. I thought about my health, my future and the delicious ramen noodles I ate last night.


I tried the spicy one with roasted chicken this time and it was really good. After I tried his curry one, it didn’t taste the same. It’s interesting how quickly perceptions can change like that.

When I finally got up, I walked passed the fan and I immediately thought of being on an airplane. It made sounds like the ones you notice in the background when you settle in your seat and decide to try to nap to pass the time on the flight.

Seeing the light through the window is like a “We are open” sign on the doors of shops. It’s the signal to early risers who need to get ready or they’ll be late for work. The light represents a new day unlike the one from yesterday. The pigeons will scavenge for food, the buses will make frequent rounds and I will be me, like you, making things happen and living today as to how we perceive life to be at this moment in time.

Good morning to you.


Photos presented were from past events.

pineapple bun

pineapple bun

very delicious. one of my favorites at a Chinese bakery. Must try, for sure.

best described as crunchy sweet topping, soft dough with sweet custard filling.


sometimes dad would get my family some of these pastries after he got off work. i remember what a special treat it was. as the tables have turned, i sometimes get my family these pastries when i get off work. i am so appreciative of these little cute connections to warm memories i live for.




you hitchhiked into my heart
like an arrow flung from the bow
from an angel in the air waiting for love.
one minute i think of nothing
and the next, it’s this. just this.
it started with the window.
the air, the floral, the clouds
i fell deep into the powers of calm.
i haven’t looked back. not once.
because once life is seen this way,
it’s hard to see it any other way.
but sometimes being lost happens &
navigation is hard without an address.
can’t gps my way back to the open road.
so i’ll keep an eye out
for the next angel i see in the sky.

spreading love

spreading love

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

-fix you by coldplay


As natural as anything grown in the soil,
There is a light that grows in our inner core
Streaming out when we smile to the world.

Hold onto this guide in you,
The world can be hard to navigate.
Dark waters can drown us if we fall.

But if we unite together like family,
Darkness becomes the light we have.

the power of the people
(originally posted on December 5, 2016)

Strength in kindness,
compassion, and love
Comes from one person,
Standing with another & another.
Holding hands & protecting each other.

Unconditional Love
(originally posted on April 10, 2015)

a love so strong
tides and floods,
battles and loss
can never defeat.
love that renews
its strength
over and over
isn’t perfect
not even close
if ever lost,
a thousand moments
will be dedicated
to rebuild a love
like this

sigur rós // concert photographs

sigur rós // concert photographs

i could hear the sporadic cheers start from the front row and soon we all gathered to see them on stage. the night wasn’t clear and we could see the clouds pile on. it was risky business but none of us cared. rain is water and water is in all of us. i will say i wish they played more of the songs i liked, but who doesn’t? however, i am soooo grateful to see them. i don’t think they come by very often and to see them live was always something i’ve wanted to do. i feel so fortunate. they poured their hearts and energy into the time they gave us. i never knew this, and maybe this is a new development, but i am a drum fan. never thought about it, but with live concerts, i really can’t escape the pumped up feeling. music don’t care who you are. it was the lights, it was the voice, it was the complete existence of being there at that moment as the rain started falling right on my head. i was so ecstatic. i immediately felt like we were all being showered with the most peaceful kind of awareness. nothing mattered, but being there. being present.


bánh mì & fried chicken & chinatown oahu, hawaii memories

bánh mì & fried chicken & chinatown oahu, hawaii memories

music: m83 – un nouveau soleil

currently feeling a bit uninspired, but i miss writing here so much. if you’re in this mood, i think listening to good music and seeing delicious food photographs can somehow fix this. i’m not positive, but it’s kinda working for me a little (hey, i’m here, right?) looking through my hawaii photographs, i remember this tasty bánh mì i had at this restaurant called the pig & the lady. i don’t know where the name came from, but it sticks with you, right? when we decided to eat here, we knew we had to cater to the hours it was open. after circling the streets of chinatown a couple of times….


the chinatown isn’t as large/complex as others i’ve been to. to be fair though, i didn’t explore it as much as i had wanted to, so maybe there were things i should’ve made a point to see.


a farmer’s market of sorts, i assume. open markets welcoming people on this semi-sunny day. it was humid.


we found a spot and walked on by. check out the cute little things at the waiting bar area. whimsical and cute.

some of the most delicious food i’ve ever eaten… no exaggeration.


Laotian fried chicken


obligatory shot – bánh mì and pho


just in case you wanted to see it in this angle. we dipped the sandwich in the soup and it was phenomenal. messy, but who cares?

some walking around the area and into markets. it reminded me of walking through the markets of taiwan a little. taiwan has much more and a lot more people, but the raw, honesty vibe of what selling and buying is was there.


for some reason, we noticed more than a couple of police cars around. i hope everything was okay.


can’t say how excited we were to see a cat. it was so cute. the first and only cat i saw in oahu hawaii.

swept away

swept away


gather the spaces in the sky
between the clouds
as they sweep by


use the space to create time
lingering on like oil and water
separating themselves in glass.


as you watch out the window,
the sunrise doesn’t wait for you
because time isn’t on your side.

post inspired by this song

And I was so young
When I behaved
Twenty five
Yet now I find
I’ve grown into
A tall child
And I don’t wanna go home yet
Let me walk to the top of the big night sky

by mitski, first love/late spring

mango fried rice

mango fried rice

The heat is certainly rising nowadays and my first thoughts are usually something foodish like smoothies or mangoes, pineapples, oranges, these kinds of things. I’ve never cooked with mango before and was intrigued because one of my favorite dishes I order at Thai restaurants is mango fried rice. There’s something so irresistible about the sweetness of the fruit and the saltiness from everything else. The one I made definitely doesn’t taste like the one I order, BUT, it was still good, I think. As I was cutting up the mango, green onions and tomato, I loved the colors that came of it.

And then I kept adding more ingredients, like scrambled eggs and frozen carrots, peas, chickpeas, onions. Put in some dashes of seasonings, and sauces like soy sauce and hoisin sauce.

This experience made me less afraid to cook with more mangos and try other recipes :) Let me know if you want me to write how I made this.

chasing the sun for you

chasing the sun for you

Last night, I had my camera at the right time. The sun was setting and I couldn’t resist just taking every single photograph. Once I saw what I caught, my heart just wanted to share it. I chased the sun for you. The world is way more beautiful than you ever think. Just pause a bit and see it beyond your everyday eyes and you’ll see something so different, so natural.

The clouds and the way they intermingle with the mixture of colors from the sky get me. I love how artistic nature is without even trying.


Chasing the sun for you,
Means you don’t have to
Go on alone.

summer child

summer child

this is for love (my mom is the best gardener I know)

Black sweaty fine hair fall upon your baby face,
As double dutch jump ropes and kickball
Games & laughter & silliness fill up hot summers.
Television hums and antennas tangle reception,
Afternoon naps as Mama beckons us to pink flowers,
Watering each dry soil patch making mud cakes
Picking ripe red cherry tomatoes off the stems
As time goes on without a peep or alarm,
Setting suns signal dinners on the stove,
Showering off the smell of nature’s fragrance
Dreaming dreams without any definition,
Just a feeling and knowing, it’ll be okay.

gratitude from the moon and back

Hawaiian love

Hawaiian love

Sun shines bright on every single living being,
Overlooking shade in the rainforests
As lovers walk on the uneven roots of your trees
And paths created by waters rushing in floods.
The waterfall cleansed my soul as it did my lungs.


Moved my heart in an unfamiliar way,
Freely allowing me to breathe, explore and evolve.
The long journey to the safety of your arms,
Worth the wait for the embrace you gave.



In harmony, animals and plants create this symphony
That they can only play, as peacocks walk by,
Butterflies flutter on, giraffes stand tall
And flowers burst in color in nature’s way.


You are giving to all who come and give as they give.
Ease of views to those who want,
But also challenges to those who seek more.
There is a peace here unlike any other.
A meaningful experience created by the explorer,
If they are willing to embrace the Hawaiian love.