perfection is boring

I'm not sure if it's this new creative kick I'm on, but I sorta find perfection in the media boring lately. The sleekest photograph, the right pose, the smooth edits in video---I don't feel as though there is anything to be learned or gained anymore. I want to push through the glossy, created beauty and see [...]


orlando, florida|harry potter|volcano bay

It's odd. The first thought I had when I got into a taxi in Orlando was that the clouds in Florida looked awesome. Maybe it has to do with the humidity and it causes changes in the cloud chemistry. Not sure and not motivated enough to Google the answer. All I know is that they [...]

dancing rain

Put down the umbrella you hold, The raindrops no longer fall upon you. Seen above like choreographed dancers Movements sync like robotic hipsters Until one fell over and dominoes clicked on. Each standing up into their own steps, Dancing to their own internal heartbeats. The drips and drops continue from the sky, But the dancers [...]

i am with you

For several days I've thought of how to express this sentiment to you. I could only come up with this... I am with you. I feel the same way sometimes. I am positive we all do. It's hard to truly feel secure with where we are in life. The world changes all the time; moment [...]

for the love of art | light & color lab

I love art. Art will forever be a part of my livelihood as long as I can afford it, create it and embrace it. In grade school, I never really took art seriously. It was just something I had fun with and the classes at school made me happy. My art teacher from my elementary [...]

love, up-close

As I walked by the little pond, I saw lily pads in a group at the center. The whole environment was calming with a couple of ducks and people from afar. I zoomed in with my camera and saw water lilies scatter among the green leaves. They were small and hard to see. This image [...]

don’t go

There's this sense of protection we get when someone validates what we do and  how we act. It's this shield of armor from outsiders that make claims against our own values and existence. It's human desire to be accepted and wanted. We all make decisions on how we use our time and when others value [...]

feeling home

Years ago, I visited this no-kill cat shelter and saw this beautiful cat. S/he looked so warm and happy; weren't scared of us or anything at all. I think they felt at home. Look at those cute paws! It's so automatic as a child to feel at home. Well, speaking from my perspective, it was. [...]

cycling patterns

the space in my heart replicates our home emptiness without notice swung onto restless cycles of sleepless half awake, half dreaming. wandering continuously in endless circles. like swinging swings of metronomes back and forth, back and my heart in the space.  


Heal. Let yourself take a break. Sometimes our wounds are much larger than we let ourselves recognize. Sometimes we are too hard on our emotions and keep them in. Let them go. Let yourself feel any thing you need to feel. Sadness, love, happiness, joy, jealously, panic. Let them go. Let them be free and [...]

admiration for El Capitan, Alex Honnold and Free Solo

The above photograph is of El Capitan or "El Cap" as I've heard it endearingly called. Seeing this in person is phenomenal. I could stare at it for hours. Here it is again on the left at a different angle. And here, again. Now imagine someone climbing this. Imagine a lot of people. I became [...]

making our mark

reaching to this point was half the battle. the other was seeing, feeling all the creases, rough patches of climbs up the mountain. having regrets etched away on rock formations of history made presently. we made it to the top. we made our mark.

two too many

These photographs were taken during one of the best years of my life. I went on so many adventures and learned more of who I was. I felt free. And yet, it wasn't forever. The photographs stay there and the memories come along, but the reality is still different. It's different because time has passed. [...]