the stove was red hot, lit like firecrackers blood in panic. the kettle yelled for help, screaming. sirens rushing as the smoke signaled quick! quick! hush hush, breathes heartbeats. pound. pound. pound........ lifeline stopped. stove turned off. moments. of. silence. burner becomes cool. tea leaves scatter to the very bottom of the cup.


not here

The overwhelming memories Faze in and out of my mind Like a visual crescendo of life Passing through the years. Your voice is the audio track Tracing the outlines of what was. Tears stream down my face Starting out warm, Then cold as it reaches my chin. I search for you in my mind. My [...]

above rough waters

Life seems a bit like being thrown into chaotic waters. We are deer in headlights because the world can just toss and turn us into a whole new dimension that we have to assimilate to. To understand a whole new way of life is such a mind and body bender. Deep breathes; a moment to [...]

life is permanent

The loneliness seeped under the door, The bed felt soft under my wings, Arms stretched like a snowy patch of land. My pink curtains swayed ever so lightly Like willow trees my cousin pointed out That young, windy,  July day. It was quiet in the car after the doors shut. The locks clicked in place [...]

to escape not

the feeling of escape intensifies the drama longing for stability trading in time for today to secure my tomorrow. but my mind forgets plans and schedules. finding the safety means finding the truth. escapism is fleeting reality is not. peace covers me tonight warms me as soft blankets do as truths sing me to sleep. [...]

everything will be

I want to speak to you, Longing to hear comfort Of where this road is leading. Reality seems a bit staged Television show and unreal In the saddest sense of meaning. Where did the sparkles go? The kind that surprised and amazed Distracted wanderers of darkness. Nothing seems real, Nothing seems fake. In the midst [...]

my youth

it was a vivid picture in my mind of wandering laying on my bed waiting for life to start. new beginnings wrapped up in coming of age stepping off buses climbing rocky mountains. to see the other side of life a world seen broadly with parachutes and good shoes to land safely on my feet. [...]

our bridge

the bridge that built between us extended beyond our expectations. a friendship valued as family a spirit connected through lifetimes. i am thankful to have you in my life. a love deeper than any film portrayal a kindness more sweet than rose petals a generosity as selfless & innocent as a child. thank you