strength in me

There was only so much I could've taken, The tapestries of my heart strings untangled. My willful ignorance could not go on any longer. Spoken in dual messages inside and out, It took all the strength in me to divide the two. To keep both sides separated, gated and locked. One was poison, the other [...]


bad memory

Blank, blank, blank. Memory blocks push over me Like boxes on the assembly line, Packaged tightly with tape, Sent to the wrong address, To the wrong recipient. Blank, blank, blank Stares in white eyes.

broken things

How quickly things seem to break down, Because we don't pay attention. Soon five years go by and nothing changes, The same tune chimes at the same time. And then the motor stops running smooth, The dishwasher door stops locking And the pristine white walls become off. Each has their own timings of things. Everything [...]

seasons renewal

spring is soon upon us. lingering sweeps of humidity. the rain has fallen everywhere. cursed are the confused birds. flying around, following the crumbs. winter's been long. sweetness awaits our arrival when the sun becomes regular. however, the darkness is near for now, keep your soul warm rays of light will soon rise again.

i’m ready

my heart carved out a piece of itself. it disappeared into an abyss unseen, unheard until this very moment. it started to crack out of its own shell. a hard hat of protection from raining bullets and grenades ready to explode. the hollowness soul began to yearn the kind of light it had for so [...]

cycling patterns

the space in my heart replicates our home emptiness without notice swung onto restless cycles of sleepless half awake, half dreaming. wandering continuously in endless circles. like swinging swings of metronomes back and forth, back and my heart in the space.  

what’s next?

youthful angst lots of time we lie outside wondering, what's next? the minute hand swung into hours hours to years wondering, what's next? night wanderings laughter into silence sentimental nostalgia wondering, what's next? years become eras technology zooms humanity robots wondering, what's next?

making our mark

reaching to this point was half the battle. the other was seeing, feeling all the creases, rough patches of climbs up the mountain. having regrets etched away on rock formations of history made presently. we made it to the top. we made our mark.

the star

my wish was granted before the star fell down last night. it leaped into the deepest ocean lit in between the swirling seaweed. constantly twinkling its pointed corners moving from here to there. upwards it flew towards the sky having landed on the cool grass. it illuminated the ground below sprinkling golden dust of jewels. [...]