including you

Sometimes I include you,
Without even meaning to.

Your spirit is never too far away,
I thought for sure you went astray.

I’ll be cooking a delicious dish
And think, “He’d surely love this.”

Or I’d find your old clothes,
And remember you wore those.

I hope you are well and happy,
Ending this now before it gets sappy.

recognizing me

Sometimes, I get so blinded by the light.
It overtakes the whole image of my sight,
And I become disoriented by the whole thing.

I fall to my knees because I see nothing,
Holding onto the floor—anything,
Gives me balance.

Because standing proudly for me,
Sometimes means to just be.
No lights, glamour or attention.

For me to take the lead,
The only thing I need
Is my own recognition.

what is worth it?

I am not perfect,
An imperfect set,
Flaws with regret,
No filter effect,
Expectations unmet,
Falling on steps,
Making a mess,
Owning my quest,
No time for rest,
I want the best,
On every test.
I am not perfect.
It is not worth it.

Chasing a mirage can be fun at first, but then it’s never over because it’s not real.

But I am.

And I am worth it.

time alone

on one of my hardest days,
of darkness & hopelessness,
I met myself at the door.

I saw my reflection,
eyes with endless tears,
heart broken into pieces.

there was no thing,
that could move me.

but my mind and body
heavily wept, it waited.
holding on tightly.

our beings are strong;
the will to live
carries us forward.

teaches us patience,
strength in slow rewards
grows only in time

and time alone.


The end of the world
Feels so near.

There is always news,
Of which I fear.

For the young,
Are older than ever.

Innocence is too costly,
Just look at the weather.

Rain, floods, fires & ice,
What happens next?

Are there solutions at all,
From all this stress?

The end of the world
Feels so near.

Time is running out,
To be so cavalier.