& belonging

the moment grew quiet,
tense, warm, heavy.
you looked into my eyes.
i looked into yours.

And you said it.
I said it.
We shared our souls
Together, as one.

My heart filled
With excitement
Then fear,
Then hope

& belonging.


the songbird

tree shadow

this morning I woke up
with a little songbird
singing the sweetest melodies
perched outside on a tree branch
he sang about his hopes and dreams;
a peace on earth
calms all our wildest hearts
and unforgiving souls.
observer of nature,
he knows no boundaries
of what is impossible.

here and there

In the city

Designed by a sharp architect,
The buildings have a bit of angles,
Mirrors and glass intertwine
Reflections and clear glass remain
The main foci of perspective.

In the forest

Beyond the shadows of cloaked
Mountain peaks and waterfalls,
Mists of opaque steam and clouds
Blur and distort the possibilities yet
Boundaries go boundless and free.


This is my take on how I see the differences and similarities to going a path you understand and know and one that isn’t as clear and predictable. The city life is more of a man-made creation of societal standards and expectations in the realms of reputation and livelihood. The life beyond the city and more towards nature is more unpredictable and less exhibited, so the expectations are less known. Both are paths that may hold great possibility or great failure; positives and negatives. It depends on where you stand and what you value.