"Is this forever?" I wondered, while eating a huge strawberry sundae with sprinkles on top I didn't finish. Collecting marbles Filling a neverending Glass jar with every Color swirl combination Imaginable, carrying A piece of hope in each. Sipping on sweet Lemonade on dry summers Intrigued by the notion Of ever understanding Life's eternal limbo [...]



no other love from nature, do we ever feel full. no other love makes acceptance as easy as breathing. people make love hard between pillars of expectations standards listed on walls. the imaginary unconditional is always conditioned somehow.

body language

bird chirps & squawks along with the morning sunrise looking left and right for another as their ally. a continuous hum of undefined squeaks and yells, "I am awake and I am here," i imagine him saying. with no fingers to text or dial phone numbers or type an email, birds communicate through their bodies; [...]

the monster between us

What lies between us is this voice, A loud hoarse cough that breathes ice, Onto my skin, I see goosebumps on my arm. It whispers into our ears of phantom cries for help. Paying mind means paying the fine and valuable time. More and more, the monster between us grew. If it wasn't me, it [...]


circumstances don't care who you are they drift in in any form they want to. it could disguise itself clothed in costume creating personas that never ever was. sneaking themselves into situations that never were intended for them. But it happens. They occur and there's no control. Lost at the head of the ship Steering [...]

strength and fragility

my cold tea sweetened by honey drips melted swirls of ancient remedies stories etched on tea leaves revisions of drafts over and over through generations. sweet and bitter intermingled exists only with each other spoon mixes all this up in an antique cup filled in strength and fragility.

dancing rain

Put down the umbrella you hold, The raindrops no longer fall upon you. Seen above like choreographed dancers Movements sync like robotic hipsters Until one fell over and dominoes clicked on. Each standing up into their own steps, Dancing to their own internal heartbeats. The drips and drops continue from the sky, But the dancers [...]