you struck me as nice, a sweet sound from the guitar, the pink shade from sunsets a sweater I wear for feeling freedom in the comfort.


just keep going

I had to walk across the pond, Without the heavy gear, Without fancy boots Or a canoe to sit in. Wading through Step by step. I met others, Crossing like me. With or without a friend. Silently and triumphantly As each sunset set And each day the sun rose. There was no choice. Like a [...]


the spare bedroom bare without walls. it was open across the kitchen shaded with old curtains lamps without shades thoughts without words hearts without feelings don't live like this, please. build something better. be something more. fill your heart until it's overwhelmed take care of all that is you of all that is your life [...]

live on

a fatherless child, wrecked. filled emotions ignored, mother towards another. son towards the sun, he ran towards a light. escaping for new life. looking back now, tears fill his eyes decades of thoughts. pours through like tea simmered long enough release the steam, cools. achievements are long overdue from hard work a heated home, home-cooked [...]

change for coffee

I've been spent Empty pockets Holes in the corners Running low on fuel. Change leaves my hands As quickly as time lands. Searching for two dollar bills Seeking in an abyss of darkness. Foolish teens spend silver dollars Found in old treasure chests Made of oak and redwood Trees of our dynasties sung Without being [...]

here. with me.

the weight of you hand on mine, whispers from your voice clings. the nearness of your being being held so tightly feels like being alive. like being loved. to be loved. to love. the smirk that hangs on your face, makes the visage just right. how we walk out of pace, our differences in height [...]

3/17/18 thoughts | leaving behind

the box hidden in the corner, unlocked and open. within were things left behind, looked so fragile, untouched. seeing memories that weren't mine, i learned it was what she took, not what she left behind that mattered to her most. ------- there is so much emphasis on the things one has. the things one wears [...]