3/17/18 thoughts | leaving behind

the box hidden in the corner, unlocked and open. within were things left behind, looked so fragile, untouched. seeing memories that weren't mine, i learned it was what she took, not what she left behind that mattered to her most. ------- there is so much emphasis on the things one has. the things one wears [...]



Beautiful Day with wind tastes. Wisps of hair along Curious eyes. Overlooking calming waters, Ripples from swimming ducks. Beautiful Night with quiet wonder. Life caresses with dreams Warming souls.

love first

I wish I could see the sonogram of your heart, When your love first became a seed and grew bigger. With each passing day, limbs grew and feelings developed. Your heart became more than what it looked like. It could flex and move, bigger and smaller. It could break and mend And it had the [...]

parallel lives

We wound up in the car, Driving over crosswalks and bridges, Little minute parallels of destinations. Paths intersecting in every direction, Like fireworks bursting in the sky, Falling down, disappearing in seconds. Like our ideas that spark suddenly, Brain synapses lighting monitors of MRI. There is life in machines like us.      

stream of consciousness or reality?

we surrendered our weapons, poured our hearts into rivers, sacrificed our words for visions. so it could flow forever across lands. unity was built by wooden pallets, left by the side of abandoned buildings. seen, but ignored, unwanted. no longer does this exist. with unity, we created bridges walked across them with our souls trust [...]

note: c (see) shadow puppetry

musical notes flutter across see-through paper. their movements offbeat like magic shadow puppetry dance in wonder about morning clouds. drift and sway, always. never knowing if they're heard. never knowing if they're seen.   ------- I found a video that conveys this sentiment in this poem. I wrote the poem first and then found the [...]

one-bedroom living

Feet upstairs running, Like a loud clap of thunder, Roaring messages downwards As I gather all my notes. Habitats caved inward, Cabin fever is alive. Stringing lights for comfort. Lemon bars for good times. Comfy leg stools, Entangled between space Reserved for sleeping cats Purring with their scratchy cheeks. what I imagine living in the [...]

is it worth it?

You spoke so softly, With a tad tense in your voice. A lingering echo of consonants A symphony of resentment. Don't hold your heart back, Let the brightness see day. Pettiness is worthless Since time is delayed. There are so many things in life that can hold us back. We can find ourselves trapped within [...]

the tree

Roots grounded tightly By the first seeds of life. Nurtured by warmth and water, Growth seeped into the stem. Each day, stronger by the second. Taller by the minute, until it stops. Overlooking a city of lights, Humans from all over. Standing resilient, the tree. Feels so good to post this as my first post [...]


To walk on both lines, Weighing the same, Of two opposing forces. To engage with the in-between. Lightly stepping into the heavy, Open-minded with awareness. Knowing that you don't know.   With the motive to be present, To have fulfillment beyond noise. Beyond familiarity, self-doubt, bias or fact. No one thing is complete of a [...]

reflection of growth

Intangible things we sought, Were things we never bought. But brought up from a home, At birth, rose in bloom. Peeking through edges, Of journal entries & photo albums. Fall leaves, arctic winters Spring flowers, sweaty summers. Cat naps and dog howls. In-between the whole. Clouds drifting slowly, The world ever-changing.