fear to free

I've had the Bittersweet Symphony song in my head for a few days now. Why? Not sure. It's not a song I typically listen to, although, I haven't really indulged in music in general lately anyway. Perhaps it's my mind wanting the vibe it gives because it certainly does give one, doesn't it? A close [...]


I am ready.

I can feel the wheel of circumstances change. Overwhelming happiness is on the horizon. Never forgetting you. Never ever, ever. Taking the constant feelings seriously. My curiosity for the world is thriving. I am ready.

perfection is boring

I'm not sure if it's this new creative kick I'm on, but I sorta find perfection in the media boring lately. The sleekest photograph, the right pose, the smooth edits in video---I don't feel as though there is anything to be learned or gained anymore. I want to push through the glossy, created beauty and see [...]

it’s coming // it’s come and gone

music: sleeping at last - saturn I didn't think I'd write a "wrap-up" post of 2017. I guess this isn't really the case; it's more like a "2018 is coming" and how I'm feeling kind of post. Um, maybe a mixture of both. I'll get to it now.. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about [...]


circumstances don't care who you are they drift in in any form they want to. it could disguise itself clothed in costume creating personas that never ever was. sneaking themselves into situations that never were intended for them. But it happens. They occur and there's no control. Lost at the head of the ship Steering [...]

strength and fragility

my cold tea sweetened by honey drips melted swirls of ancient remedies stories etched on tea leaves revisions of drafts over and over through generations. sweet and bitter intermingled exists only with each other spoon mixes all this up in an antique cup filled in strength and fragility.

adulthood (I)

It's safe to say that one of the biggest lessons I've learned about adulthood is that there will always be questions, but the lesson is that: it's not important to have all the answers.  Along the same line, I'm learning that it's hard to balance everything.  Maybe I don't need to.  But if that's true, [...]

everything will be okay

There was a recent day on which I was met with challenges; nothing major, I assure you. A day in which there weren't warmth in the air and transportation was unreliable and people were unkind. But in light of this, I heard myself thinking that everything will be okay. I wasn't upset or frustrated. I [...]