There is so much building inside my heart. The sorrow I feel is so full that I can't contain the tears and they just fall. Aimlessly. I do not know what it is my heart is trying to say. Am I crying for what was? Am I crying for a release? Am I crying to [...]


here. with me.

the weight of you hand on mine, whispers from your voice clings. the nearness of your being being held so tightly feels like being alive. like being loved. to be loved. to love. the smirk that hangs on your face, makes the visage just right. how we walk out of pace, our differences in height [...]

1/31/18 thoughts

Reasons why things don't work out usually come from some kind of boundary; usually ones we can't control or ones we choose not to. A lot of things in our lives are out of our hands, but there are many that are. To understand our powers, our abilities and our hearts, there's so much more [...]

love slowly

we held onto each other, spun around and around in a circle, eyes locked, hearing no sound. like seagulls flying, watching from below, an outer body experience time moved very slow. love isn't clean, there are no set rules, a trusting heart fulfills no need for any jewels.

not yet

We viewed ourselves as adults although we were far that kind of being. We wielded the power as if we earned it and carved little spaces of our lives for the imaginary. A life we created were based completely on how we thought we ought to live. Thank yous and no problems, hellos and see [...]

a forever bond

I want to hold her hand, Like she has mine. Walk her to her favorite place, Disregarding the lack of time. Series of film trigger memories Of places I've never seen. To learn of my guardian And her life as early as a teen. She defended me and my honor, Even when I didn't understand [...]

living peacefully

I wanted to make a digital scrapbook-type image. draft one draft two The above reads: We drove by these creatures of the earth. We saw green grass and blue skies. The trees and grass were of abundance. No longer did our car feel like we were in a sea of others. We were the minority. [...]

the beginning of love

Desire settles in Where a void once lived. Spaces created for defense Of barriers built by stone. Mists of pheromones fall Like autumn leaves drifting Inwards of the breeze. Passion ignites flames. Warmth is immediate, Holding in heat that is raw. this reminds me of times during the beginnings of relationships; when the guards are [...]

I wanted

I wanted to spill my secrets to you, Like how the ink splatters on blank pages. I wanted you to know the depth of my love, Like the scariest fall from the highest mountain. I wanted to know what you were thinking, Like how the fortune teller saw our fates. I wanted you to hold [...]

broken bonds

the inevitable came with a tiny drop, rain trickled down one by one, as speckles reflected under the street light, there was a hopeful glance towards the skies. finding a tiny piece of glimmer in darkness, a lost key found under a pile of blankets, the car drove off without hesitation. a bond of thousands [...]


I'm taking off the glasses, You're making it easier to see. Our conversations speak volumes. Stacks of books flipped through At random sections marked with dog ears I highlighted and underlined. Warm tea, I wanted the flavor. Coffee shop dates tastes so vain. Read me your favorite story instead.

the living room light

For her, he found it. A tall standing lamp Boxed in an empty hardware store. Opened eagerly, assembling His manliness with nuts and bolts. She scoffed at his effort. Her laugh carried his heartbeat, Fast as light Enough to see her complexion. Well-lit For her, he finally saw.


We began as strangers, Indifferent towards our identities. Lost in a crowded room, Like on a train platform in rush hour, We searched and we found. Among a sea of eyes, We looked into each other's. Silent, yet understood. As we walked out together, To catch the next train home.

lovers secret

side by side, you both walk. on your own, paving your way. taking shortcuts when it made sense and trekking the long way to make it all up. bound by a connection unknown, experiencing adventures simultaneously creating memories others cannot feel. secrets written in cryptic code in a language only lovers speak.