painted skies

I stared out onto the sky for hours. Seeing how it changed from moment to moment. The transitions happened so seamlessly and whenever I blinked, there was a new transformation. An airplane from afar flew by; painted the sky with its own clouds of patterns. Catching the sunset is so humbling. Brings me down from [...]


capturing light

Capturing is such a savage word. Like taking a prisoner without freedom. But capturing light is unlike its sound. It's more like setting oneself free. I ended up printing this out for my dad and it came out gorgeously. I know I'm biased since he's my dad, but wow, it's one of the prettiest things [...]

a few flashes of last summer

As the sun starts to linger more during the day, I can't help myself from being excited for summer.  A time when I can say "see you later" to heavy boots, heavy coats and dark skies.  I look forward to adventures in the sun like last year. Photos taken by cnw.