anodized life

life and color outside the MoPOP museum in seattle, washington


Interview with interpretive park ranger Vivian Wang

Ever since I started watching documentaries about food waste, climate change, fast fashion and others, I began to really look at how my actions were in connection to these issues. I believe this really sparked my passion for nature more than I ever have. I developed a new appreciation for the world. National parks and [...]

papawei scenic lookout | maui, hawaii | travel

A short narration based on a piece I wrote called, our dreams, conveyed through these photographs. The words above were: We flew in from a place that had everything we ever needed. A home to protect us from danger, food that would feed our empty stomachs and love that would warm our hearts until the [...]

flowers through a broken camera

The blurriness reveals nothing to me. Standing in the middle of the field of flowers, taking photographs with a broken camera, my life was meaningful in ways I can't understand anymore. But I know I was free. I was alone. I was with a full heart of optimism and hope. And I was loved. That [...]

some delicious food in Washington State | travel

Good food is almost an essential for me when I travel--no, it's definitely important. Because to me it's more than the food. It's an experience with the place in a whole new point of view. It's how I can relate with the people who live there. I remember a time during the first longggg road [...]

Washington State stories and recommendations | travel

It's getting colder nowadays. The sun sets earlier and the morning darkness creates the perfectly imperfect atmosphere to stay in bed. But we can't and life goes on to another day of being (or an attempt at being) a productive human being. That was a lot of "beings." But I long for summer, as I knew [...]

the things I’ll never see

Mount Rainier at Reflection Lakes, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen I went to a poetry festival a few years ago. There was one poet who stood out for me, but I unfortunately don't remember her name. She read her poem aloud. After sitting through and hearing from other poets read their [...]

oahu, hawaii

This trip is special to me personally, but also in a big picture way; it opened up my eyes to a whole new way of being. It's been so long since I've been on an airplane and that in itself was a journey, a good journey. Despite some scary turbulence, sleep deprivation, undesirable options for [...]

a calm life // oahu hawaii 2017

A film I made with the footage I had captured at Oahu, Hawaii. There is beauty in nature. There is beauty in the every day. There is beauty in the sky, ocean, trees and every living thing on this earth. I hope everyone is having a peaceful day.

bánh mì & fried chicken & chinatown oahu, hawaii memories

music: m83 - un nouveau soleil currently feeling a bit uninspired, but i miss writing here so much. if you're in this mood, i think listening to good music and seeing delicious food photographs can somehow fix this. i'm not positive, but it's kinda working for me a little (hey, i'm here, right?) looking through [...]


They searched for clarity, From square windows in the sky. Tipping a glass jar of pennies Scoring enough to pay the fare. Seeing rain drops fall upon elephant leaves Collecting puddles on the floor As newborn kittens happily drink. Flowers bloom and birds chirp songs, Explorers seek their hearts in the tree house With a [...]

Hawaiian love

Sun shines bright on every single living being, Overlooking shade in the rainforests As lovers walk on the uneven roots of your trees And paths created by waters rushing in floods. The waterfall cleansed my soul as it did my lungs. Moved my heart in an unfamiliar way, Freely allowing me to breathe, explore and [...]

something like that

i found this poem i wrote in a small notepad i sometimes carry with me. maybe this was written when i was on the train

the humidity is inescapable
the love affair is strong
wandering on connected roads
eating fresh fruit off trees.
and learning about my life.
absorbing every bit of difference
as sweat on my skin appear after my walk

connie n. w.

It’s been a while since I thought about how it was to be there. Time goes by and I don’t really think actively about being away from home for that long. But this morning, after I peed, I came back to bed. It was light out a little but my room was still sort of dark.   After I closed my eyes, I could hear the noises outside.  The birds chirping, the wind blowing and a faraway wind chime chiming away.   I felt like I was in Taiwan again.  I had left my window opened last night and the cool breezes from outside made it all so calm.  When I was away, I always had this background feeling of something unfamiliar, but comfortable.  Where I could lay in bed and feel really relaxed, but having no attachment to the things around me; only feeling connected to the sounds and…

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