double vision

sometimes we see things and we think that's how it is. that's how it'll always be. a lot of times, it's not the case at all. especially when you bring in other perspectives on the table. it's a wonder to me at all how backwards this world can be. how the good get treated bad [...]


above rough waters

Life seems a bit like being thrown into chaotic waters. We are deer in headlights because the world can just toss and turn us into a whole new dimension that we have to assimilate to. To understand a whole new way of life is such a mind and body bender. Deep breathes; a moment to [...]

blind no more

For so long, I didn't recognize the image that M***** had seen. I couldn't comprehend her choice to walk on the path of struggle; towards a life that would create pain. But I see it so, so clearly now. It was inevitable now I see. As a  young child, you try to your best to [...]

painted skies

I stared out onto the sky for hours. Seeing how it changed from moment to moment. The transitions happened so seamlessly and whenever I blinked, there was a new transformation. An airplane from afar flew by; painted the sky with its own clouds of patterns. Catching the sunset is so humbling. Brings me down from [...]

take a hike

I went on an unexpected hike yesterday to a whole new place I've never gone to. It was refreshing. I hadn't gone in months and it felt like my soul rejuvenated. My lungs cleared with deep breaths. My heart was calm from the beauty. I felt like my whole being craved being in nature for [...]

life is permanent

The loneliness seeped under the door, The bed felt soft under my wings, Arms stretched like a snowy patch of land. My pink curtains swayed ever so lightly Like willow trees my cousin pointed out That young, windy,  July day. It was quiet in the car after the doors shut. The locks clicked in place [...]

age is just age

I think I wanted the easy answer. Scratch that, I definitely wanted the easy answer. The ease of feeling free without doing the work. To lift my spirits up without ever needing anything at all. Like when I was a child and time was frivolously spent, as it should, with childhood best friends, playing outside [...]

to escape not

the feeling of escape intensifies the drama longing for stability trading in time for today to secure my tomorrow. but my mind forgets plans and schedules. finding the safety means finding the truth. escapism is fleeting reality is not. peace covers me tonight warms me as soft blankets do as truths sing me to sleep. [...]

everything will be

I want to speak to you, Longing to hear comfort Of where this road is leading. Reality seems a bit staged Television show and unreal In the saddest sense of meaning. Where did the sparkles go? The kind that surprised and amazed Distracted wanderers of darkness. Nothing seems real, Nothing seems fake. In the midst [...]