his eyes

It was his eyes, They told the story. It wasn't his restless heart Or his tapping fingertips. He wanted a friend. A ready-made bed To collapse on, to rest. "How does life do it? To arrest ourselves?" "It's unpredictable." "And that's all we can count on."


the beach life

I fell in love with it. Not at first sight, but it took a few times before I realized that I had fallen. Sitting on the rocks; it was stable, reliable, was what I needed to let out my true heart. Without any words, I felt one with nature. It was all I needed. Oh, [...]

happy birthday to you

To one of the greatest people in my life, Happy birthday to you. I see you all the time, Of a photograph given to me, On the day we celebrated your life. The moments you touched us. The memories we continue to carry I'll remember you For what you stood for. One of a kind, [...]

some home cookin’ IX

I've been a little sick, so I haven't made really good dishes lately, but seeing these photographs makes me smile. It's nice to look through this cooking "diary." For this post, there were two dishes I never made before and the others are ones that I've made some variation of. And for one, I store-bought [...]

walls of perception

structured lines, constructed precious, sacred boundaries. breaking into the wall of perceptions. multiverse lives of here and now. karma record logs reversed and entangled. meaning and fulfillment redefined souls silently fuel the chaos*, calmness loudly carries our will. *science definition of chaos

let love live on

I recently read with wide eyes of memories from long ago. Some not too long ago, maybe a few months back to even as far back as six to seven years ago. In-between these pages of funny nights, favorite restaurant lists and quotes that make us chuckle is time. As I read them aloud, we [...]

capturing light

Capturing is such a savage word. Like taking a prisoner without freedom. But capturing light is unlike its sound. It's more like setting oneself free. I ended up printing this out for my dad and it came out gorgeously. I know I'm biased since he's my dad, but wow, it's one of the prettiest things [...]

love slowly

we held onto each other, spun around and around in a circle, eyes locked, hearing no sound. like seagulls flying, watching from below, an outer body experience time moved very slow. love isn't clean, there are no set rules, a trusting heart fulfills no need for any jewels.

potential and cause

I came upon this cabin, Messy, dirty and small. I wanted to stay in, Fix and clean it all. The dishes put away, The floor had a sweep. Comfy bed made Good enough to sleep. Walked around a bit, Saw how different it was. Like a candle finally lit, Seeing potential and cause.

dearest moon

Many a nights you were the only one awake, While sleeping eyes wander in dreamy lands, You arrived on time as the sun takes its break. Long night drives can be so deceiving, Sometimes calmness prevails, but other times... It means getting lost without any meaning. But regardless of whichever it is, Your presence means [...]

handmade duct tape wallet photos & notes| sustainability

I have a few sustainability projects I have been working on lately. I am planning on hemming my pants and also making my own slippers out of felt fabric (we shall see how that turns out), but I also recently made some wallets out of duct tape. These photographs show the prototype or the first [...]


Clearing the mind is easier said than done. Like sweeping the rug for every little crumb. Thoughts pour out of me like waterfalls of Niagara. Who said what to who? Was it Sean, Brian, Lee or Sarah? Sorry, I can't focus on this conversation of how life's unfair. May we take a drive, get a [...]